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Oral Irrigator Systems

ds_lindsa11306 Contributor
By Madison Whitfield
Best Waterpick Oral Irrigator System

An oral irrigation system is a dental device that clears food from between the teeth by using a high-pressure stream of water. Oral irrigators, sometimes called dental water jets, have been on the market for several years, but are not unanimously recommended by dentists over flossing. Waterpik, the most popular of the oral irrigation systems, claims that their product is 93 percent more effective than using dental floss. Popular brands of oral irrigators besides Waterpik are HydroFloss and OralBreeze. To determine whether oral irrigators are better for your teeth than flossing, consult your dentist.


  1. Waterpik, the first oral irrigator, was conceived in 1955 and was made available to the public in 1967. The idea for Waterpik was started by Dr. Gerald Moyer and John Mattingly, a hydraulic engineer. Moyer teamed up with Mattingly in order to create an easy and effective alternative to flossing. According to the Waterpik website, "Clinical trials have shown that it is safe and effective on people in periodontal maintenance, and for those with gingivitis, orthodontic appliances, crowns and bridges, implants, diabetes or for those who don't use floss." Over the years, other oral irrigators such as HydroFloss and OralBreeze were introduced to the market, threatening the sales of Waterpik and creating new, easy-to-use models such as the faucet-style irrigator and the portable irrigator.
  2. Types

  3. Waterpik's most popular model, the Personal Dental Water Jet, is available at most drugstores, along with the OralBreeze Showerpik, which contains a shower attachment, and the HydroFloss, a magnetic oral irrigator. Although the more portable products like the OralBreeze and the HydroFloss, tend to be the most reasonably priced, they also provide far less power and durability than the Waterpik.
  4. Considerations

  5. Although the Waterpik, the HydroFloss and the OralBreeze all claim to be at least 90 percent more effective than flossing, most dentists still recommend flossing for regular patients without gingivitis or other painful tooth problems. Although special-needs dental patients, such as those with braces, may benefit the most from oral irrigators, any regular user can experience benefits from oral irrigators.
  6. Misconceptions

  7. Changes in water pressure do affect the design and effectiveness of your oral irrigator. Some oral irrigators, like the Waterpik Personal Dental Water Jet, contain their own refillable tank that provides the water source for the tool. The OralBreeze, on the other hand, operates directly from your faucet, allowing the water pressure to vary between users. OralBreeze users who have very low water pressure will experience results that are not as beneficial as those who have higher water pressure. The HydroFloss contains a magnet in its irrigator, which according to Hydrofloss, is 44 percent more effective than the Waterpik, the OralBreeze and any other non-magnetic oral irrigator.





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